Issue 1
Volume: 1
Date of publication: 30.11.2006
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Dear friends!

Social sciences and economic sciences in particular are on the threshold of applying the new large scale and efficient tool for acquiring knowledge. This is so called agent – based modeling (ABM).

In the first introductory article of the journal I try to explain what this is, how artificial societies are built and why we are at the brink of the breakthrough in understanding social phenomena.

The laboratory for artificial societies, the web site of which you are currently reading, made bold to initiate intellectual movement in this sphere in our country. Now we already have noticeable progress in the field “Artificial intellect” (see And we plan to keep in touch with this knowledge. The paper by T.Kuraeva about the well-known Turing tests invites the readers to discussion.

Internet journal which you are now reading is the analogue of the English language journal JASSS (, which has already been published for a number of years and has become the convenient source for publishing works on artificial intellect.

However, we do not want to strain ourselves purely to computer calculations and are open to the works of a more general character. We are attracted by the full openness of JASSS. One does not need to register, pay money or provide any information in order to read JASSS, send the link to a friend or use material in one’s work. The only condition, or better to say, requirement – is the correct citation. Intellectual property is free there, but it may not be stolen.

The features of the journal depend on all of us. On our activeness and intellect. The plans of the journal are the following: to become a high quality refereed journal, registered in the major rating and other agencies, including The Higher Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation, to have paper and English versions.

We look forward to receiving your letters with questions and suggestions, as well as your articles to be published. The rules for the authors are in the end of the journal.


Editor in chief

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

V.L. Makarov